Commodities are fundamental to the operation of the societies and to this world. Commodities are bought and sold on a world wide basis in trading environment. Trading processes are subject to all the risk and fluctuations that can be caused by various events in businesses and societies. Some of the events could be supply demand fluctuations, disruptive events or economic environment changes.

As a result, commodities trade has to be handled in a very different way than a standard ordering mechanism. This automatically involves the risk management at much higher prominence. The organizations that trade commodities are focused on maximizing the profitability by trading in innovative and smarter ways, while proactively managing the risks. The organizations that consume huge commodities have their product or service dependent on the reliable price stability and predictability. Their goal is to achieve the stability in commodity purchasing and minimize the price by using innovative ways and with active risk management.

Part of the value proposition in commodities domain is also to automate the implement effective and efficient business processes for organizations to be nimble and create business handling capacity.

Key features and Benefits

  • Smarter buying process
  • Automated invoice validation
  • Real time market price integration
  • Automated tax management
  • Automated scheduling and matching of movements
  • Risk Management
  • Credit & Exposure management
  • Business process automation
  • Decision support tools
  • Sarbanes Oxley compliance
  • Hedging Management
  • Seamless financial system integration