Alliances As a progressive technology company, we strongly believe in the value of collective knowledge, teamwork, effective management and win-win propositions. Partnerships and alliances are great ways to put our energy together to maximize client value.

At Larkspur, we welcome alliances from various professional organizations as well as from various independent professionals, who excel in their respective fields.

We are pursuing partnerships and alliances in the following areas.

Professional service organizations (Consulting)
If your organization is serving clients either with non IT services (such as accounting, auditing, logistics etc.) or in the IT service areas that are complimentary to our services, we can join hands to deliver extended, high value and reliable, one-stop solutions to our clients.

Financial services, accounting and audit firms
If your organization excels in providing financial accounting and auditing services, we will be happy to discuss various partnership possibilities as there are strong synergies between financial services, accounting and audit functions that are executed through software services for excellent client service.

Package Solution Provider
If your organization is a package solution firm, who works with partners for implementation and other client services in joint fashion through entire client service cycle, we will be happy to join forces with you.