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Larkspur technology team is a mature and experienced team and a partner in solving healthcare challenges in IT and business. We have experience in the complex ecosystem of system modernization, business intelligence, regulatory compliance, revenue cycle management, population health management and large healthcare provider business challenges.

Our goal is to solve the challenges across IT, workflow processes, compliance and risk. We specialize in situations with multiple locations, multiple EMR / EHR systems and need for speedy execution. A team that is highly effective in solving the integration and business intelligence solutions in alignment with the business goals.

Since the beginning in 2002, Larkspur team has dedicated itself to solving client business challenges. We have built global team, experienced working in other industries and leverage cutting edge technology to create differentiation for our clients. Our consultants are experienced senior people who are dedicated to making a difference.

Integrated Competency:
1. Integration Across Multiple EMR Systems
2. Experts from Healthcare and IT to understand both sides of the needs
3. Expertise in managing risk & compliance
4. Advisory and execution for aligning operations via IT
5. Data Readiness & Normalization for Analytics

Challenges We Solve:
1. Identify and align clinical quality strategies that ultimately tie to reimbursement
2. Identify infrastructure and processes, to improve or transform quality driven cost effective care, at point of delivery.
3. Implement controls to meet the new compliance standards for CMS and to optimize profit margin and revenue
4. Improve operating costs to deliver services more efficiently
5. Implement “Continuous Compliance” within and across supplychain
6. Leverage advances in mHealth/digital health technologies. Help develop mobile strategy
7. Develop competencies that track patients through the care continuum.
8. Effective management of shared savings programs to maximize reimbursement.

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